College Application Services

Christopher L. Caterine is happy to offer a full suite of college application services to students in the New Orleans area and beyond.  Whether you need help narrowing your list of schools, crafting a personal statement, preparing for an admissions interview, or making your final decision with confidence, he’s here to help!

Since he first began teaching as a graduate student in 2008, Chris has advised countless students making their way through college.  While he has been able to help many of them succeed in the face of academic or personal difficulties, he has also seen others struggle because they didn’t know what they wanted to get out of their education and spent their time floating or partying through their undergraduate years.  He did his share of that, too, but as an educator it always drove him crazy because of how much money those students were spending just to skip his class!

Years working as a professor and a college admissions interviewer have taught him that the best way to help students make the most of their time in college is to help them pick the right school in the first place.  This means guiding them as they consider what they want out of their education and identifying colleges that provide the specific mix of intellectual, social, and moral support that they require.

Chris has advised students at every stage of the college process: from high school seniors to junior transfers to recent graduates.  If you’d like to learn more about how Chris can help you, please reach out through the contact form.